Friday, December 7, 2012


Hi there again Mum and Dad

I am feeling just a wee bit fed up with me right now.   The arthritis is a real pain (not joking either) and recently I have been having attacks of vertigo, the last one of which lasted up to about 8 hours.  I recently saw an ENT specialist (boy do they know how to charge) and after doing some tests and asking lots of questions he feels I perhaps have Meniere's syndrome!  Funnily he didn't ask me if I suffer from tinitus and I forgot to tell him I have for about 20-25 years!

Do you remember that is what Len suffered from and how ill it used to make him?  Apparently it is rare for it to begin with someone of my age but I guess I've always had strange things happen so why not this?  I am hoping that as it has occurred late in life it will perhaps take a long time to advance as I'd hate to be as ill with it as Len used to be.

I see the specialist again in about 4 months time when he said he will give me a definite diagnosis but not sure exactly how he will do that.  Until then I just hope the vertigo attacks don't come too often  I mustn't speak too soon.  It is well over 2 weeks now since the last one so fingers crossed they will get less over time.  Hope that's not too much to wish for.  What is it they say?  "Always be careful what you wish for!"  With Christmas only 18 days away I'd like to stay reasonably fit until at least then.

Sorry to have a grizzle but sometimes it's difficult not too.  I guess with the arthritis, diabetes etc. it just sort of gets to me at times.



  1. Give us this day our daily whinge. Sometimes it is essential to have a really good gripe, and get it out before it festers. And goodness only knows with your health issues it is no wonder they get on top of you from time to time. I so hope the EMT person was making an premature diagnosis.

  2. As usual EC thank you for your wonderfully kind words. I can only hope the ENT man is wrong too. So far so good with no vertigo so far, so fingers crossed it will stay away until at least after Christmas. I hope you are feeling a wee bit better now too. xx

  3. So sorry to hear you are suffering. I can definitely feel your pain (no joke here either) and my daughter has Meneires disease. She is on a medication that is helping to control it..hasn't had an episode in quite some time. Hopefully your health care providers will have as good luck finding the right medication for you.

  4. Thanks again Delores; your comments are really appreciated. I often think pain shared is perhaps pain halved but not too sure about that concept. :) I am sorry to hear your daughter has Meniere's but glad it is under control. I take stemitel when I have an attack of vertigo but it only controls the nausea and not the vertigo itself unfortunately. No attack for more than a couple of weeks now so fingers crossed I may get to Christmas without one.