Sunday, May 12, 2013


Dear Mum

Another Mother's Day and again I think of you and so many of my friends who were mums who are no longer with us.  I miss all of you but life takes some and leaves others and we will never know why.

This morning we popped up to K & B's for morning tea.  AM was there with her fiancee CD and daughter CT and it's always great to see them.  K & B have a new outdoor setting under their new patio and it is all looking really good.

They have some cimbidium orchids in bud (just one flower open so far) which made me think of when you grew them at Joondanna.  We have never had much success with them for some reason so decided they were not for us.  We do well with other plants but just not orchids which is disappointing.

Their back garden is really very pretty now and the front lawn is coming good too.  B puts it down to the reticulation they had put in a year or so ago.  It has certainly made a big difference to their garden and of course there is so much less work to do changing sprinklers etc.

We came home and had a light lunch and put our respective feet up for an hour or two.  We both tend to tire easier these days which I guess is to be expected at our age.  P is fortunate as he can nap easily but I have always been the same and unable to sleep in the daytime so no nanna naps for yours truly.

Not much more to report.  Just wanted you to know I was thinking of you today but then you are in my thoughts most days.  I guess birthdays and special days are that wee bit more special.

Love, as always