Saturday, November 17, 2012


Hi folks,

Well,  here it is 17th November and just over 5 weeks until Christmas Day.  Thoughts have turned to what Phil and I would like for Christmas as the family has devised a clever way of doing gifts for the festive season.  We all write a list of what we would like (up to $100's that amount surprises you eh?) and lists go in one hat and names in another and we then receive a list and have to buy gifts for just one person.  Fantastic idea and it means that nobody has to scratch their heads for days wondering what to buy each family member and everyone receives the gifts they want.

This got me thinking back to Christmas when I was a child and I realised that of course from when I was about 8 years old we spent every Christmas down at Mandurah House and it was rather like a big family gathering as the same people were there year after year.  I know Mrs Turner used to put on a great Christmas dinner for everyone and there were some decorations in the dining room.  How old was I when we stopped going to Mandurah House?  I truly can't remember but do know I was down there when I was in my very late teens, possibly until I was 19.

More thinking then made me realise that we never had decorations or a Christmas tree in our home and of course presents during the war years were hard to find and often comprised secondhand books that Dad found in the auction rooms or clothes you had made for me.  I still remember those times with a great fondness but realised as an adult I just didn't know how to 'do' Christmas at home.

That may sound weird but never having had those things in my youth or been involved in putting up decorations or decorating a tree sort of left me unprepared to do those things when I grew up.  I always tried to make Christmas great for my two children (their father unfortunately never helped make it 'merry') and I think they were always happy with what I did but I often wonder.  I do so hope their Christmases were special, or as special as I could make them.

These days I hear younger people talk about all the wonderful things that are in the shops and I see the trees ranging from $10 to $300 or more and all the fabulous decorations and the food and everything that is available.  None of those things were ever really part of my life over the years but do I have regrets?  Yes and no.  What I do remember though is having the love of two wonderful people and to me I think that is probably the best gift one can have at any time of the year as there are so many folk in the world today who never receive that gift.  I was so fortunate.

Thanks to both of you for your love and will be thinking of you at Christmas as I always do.

Love you still


  1. Hi Mimsie...just had to drop in after your wonderful comments on my blog.
    Christmas has gotten a little 'out of hand' lately hasn't it? Every year we say we are going to make Christmas more simple and every year we end up spoiling the grands. I love this idea of 'talking to your parents' on a blog.

  2. Thanks you so much for your comment and for popping in for a visit. My daughter has simplified by having us all do Secret Santa lists whereby each adult then buys for the person whose list he/she receives. We still have 3 great-granddaughters to buy for and with littlies...well, you do tend to spoil them a bit as they are young for such a short time.
    I thought I may seem a little 'cracked' talking to my folks when they have been gone for so long but it just seemed a good way to get things off my chest.

  3. I am a little late to this post, so I am not sure you will see this. But I hope so.

    "What I do remember though is having the love of two wonderful people and to me I think that is probably the best gift one can have at any time of the year..."

    This is truly the best gift. The trinkets we buy...sigh...sometimes they are fun, but they never love you back like the people in your life do. I am certain your kids appreciate all the love you gave them, give them. It is a rare commodity and you learn that as you get older and see the way of the world.