Saturday, April 5, 2014


Hi Mum

Sorry I've neglected you but it's been fairly quiet of late but now I've just thought of something I think should delight you, something you richly deserved, so let me tell you about it.

After your death in January 1985 the Soroptomist Club, with whom you had been so much involved, decided they would like to organise some type of memorial to you so they approached the King's Park Board who explained it was not often that type of thing was done in the park.  I have no idea what decided them but eventually it was agreed that there would be a jarrah seat with a plaque in your memory. This is the plaque that was decided upon:

First of all the seat overlooked the women's memorial lake and fountain but then it was moved for the use of people who walked the many trails through the park for them to rest on.  I think this is a beautiful setting for your seat:

This is Len and Jean resting on you seat when they visited Kings Park in 1986:

Nearly 16 years ago I visited the seat and found it had been painted green which I suppose will hopefully preserve it longer.  With me were my daughter, #2 granddaughter and (at that time) my only great-granddaughter.  Of course photos were taken and here we are, all taking it in turns to sit on your seat.

Unfortunately I can no longer walk to where the seat is/was situated but I must ask if any of the family are in Kings Park again if they would kindly check to see if the seat is still there.

I think you realised all your family were always very proud of you and still are.  You were always there for me when I was young and in your later years you were there for them as well, plus you did so much good for the greater community.  You packed so much into your nearly 88 years on this earth which reminds me, next Monday week will be the 117th anniversary of your birth in London, England.  I have always been so very glad you and dad decided to emigrate to Australia and become my parents.

NOTE:  Len was mum's step-son and Jean was his wife.