Wednesday, December 25, 2013


Dear Folks

Another Christmas Day has dawned, warm and sunny although today is going to be quite a lot cooler than the last 4-5 Christmas days.  As usual you are both very much in my thoughts this morning as are Len and Jean too.  I know we were a very small family but I have such happy memories of my youth. Right now we would be staying at Mandurah House and enjoying the company of the people that stayed there year after year at Christmas and Easter.  I think we did that each year from when I was 8 till I was about 20.  They were wonderful times but I now realise why we never decorated a tree at home nor did we have decorations.  We just weren't going to be there!!  It took me a few years as an adult to get used to doing Christmas in my home.  It still feels somewhat strange at times, even after all the years that have passed.

We are going to K & B's this afternoon for an easy, light evening meal.  All the family will be there..C & M and their two beautiful little girls; A and her partner C and of course not forgetting lovely CT who is now 17 and has left school.  We are not sure yet of what she will do in her future but we have high hopes for her. B is of course now living in Alaska and we have sent greetings to them all.  They will likely enjoy a snowy Christmas.  L should also be there.  It was his birthday last week; he is now 31.
With the little ones it is still great fun watching them open their gifts with lots of excitement.

The main reason we are going to Kelmscott is K had a knee replacement last week.  She is doing quite well and B is of course looking after her like the great husband he is.  She and I are so fortunate in having two great people who care so much and give so much of themselves.  Of course if K gets tired during the day she can pop on her bed and have a rest.  We are all taking food so hopefully she will not overdo it but somehow I don't think she will.  She has been following order and doing exercises and all you are supposed to do after such an operation.

Oh well, must go.  Have a few things to do to be ready to drive up there this afternoon.  I did wonderfully well this year and had gifts bought and mainly wrapped a couple of weeks ago but ran a little late sending out greeting cards but eventually got them all done, just in time.

Merry Christmas to you both with love xxxxxx