Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Well folks, it may have been 39.6C yesterday but we both still had a wonderful Christmas day at C  & M's home.  They were able to have their airconditioning repaired on Christmas Eve which of course made it so much more comfortable and a strong sea breeze came in about lunchtime which made it a tad better as well.

There were 11 of us that sat down to Christmas lunch (the baby was asleep) and a delicious meal it was too.  Turkey, ham, pork, prawns and of course some great salads.  An hour or so later we had tiny cheese cakes and a really super trifle.  Couldn't have asked for anything better.

You would love our 3 great-granddaughters (actually your great-great-granddaughters).  CT at 16 is just such a loving girl and always a pleasure to be with.   Immy is quite the little miss at nearly 5 and knows just what she wants and when she wants it. She loves to sing and dance and she got the most gorgeous fairy outfit for Christmas and looked so beautiful wearing it.  Little AJ is so precious and one of those happy babies that makes you feel good just watching her antics.  As C & M were living in Sydney when Immy was small we of course didn't see much of her, except on fleeting visits to Perth, and I feel we missed so much because of the distance between us, but that's life I guess.

The drive there and back to C & M's is takes over an hour but all the drivers were well behaved so no hassles at all.  It was hot in the car but the airconditioning made it bearable.  I often wonder how I managed to drive home from work each day in the 1970s/1980s right into the afternoon sun with no airconditioning in my Escort.  I guess I was much tougher then.  Can't live without it now.

So, another Christmas has come and gone.  I drank a silent toast to those no longer with us, of whom these days there are many.  I tried to remember family and friends, including yourselves of course, and there are so many precious memories that I am so fortunate to keep close to me.

Love you


  1. I love to sit by the tree Christmas Eve and Christmas Day night and just remember....

    1. Yes, Christmas is indeed a time for quiet reminiscing about so many people and events that have enriched our lives over the years.

  2. I think remembering those we have lost is a very, very important part of Christmas. I am really, really pleased that the heat didn't put a dampener on the day for you, and that you had a wonderful time. Mmmm trifle. I haven't had that in years - and my mother used to make a very good one indeed.
    Love to you too...

  3. I often feel that not enough people do think about those people that have been so much part of our lives but are now gone. Perhaps it is something we do more as we age and begin to think more about our own mortality.
    It was A's fiancee that made the trifle. He does an excellent job of it. We all really enjoyed it.