Monday, October 29, 2012


Dear Mum and Dad

I wonder what you will think of the latest idea to celebrate 'something' which perhaps has been done with the hope people will also spend money on gifts or the like or just to truly bring families closer together in this age of rip, tear, rush.

I know it is celebrated in New South Wales but not sure about our other states and yesterday was the inaugural day in Western Australia with events held in different areas of the state to celebrate the day.

Now I know you are wondering what on earth I am talking about so I will explain.  There is now to be an annual Grandparents Day!!  I wonder what you both would think of that idea. I somehow don't think it will take off but I guess only time will tell.

Perhaps it is a ploy to help the economy...who knows?  I think it is quite a delightful idea as in this day and age people are so busy that sometimes grandparents do get overlooked.

Just thought I'd run the idea by you as I am still toying with the idea myself.

An American friend told me they celebrate Mother-in-Law's Day.  Now there IS a thought.  I hope that helps bring families closer who perhaps have m-in-law problems.

Bye for now

Monday, October 22, 2012


Hi Mum

I am just addressing this to you as I doubt Dad would remember friends I had years ago.  I am sure you would remember Hilary Moore that was with me at Perth College.

She did stay at our place in Coronation Street and I stayed at their place on the other side of the railway line in Mount Lawley just under the Lord Street subway.

Hilary, Pam and Betty and I formed a little group at PC and had lots of fun together including creeping down and eating our lunch under the fruit trees near the Intermediate school.  We knew we shouldn't be there which made it much more fun but we were doing no harm and fortunately never got caught.  I lost touch with the 3 girls after I left PC at the end of 1945.

The reason I mention Hilary is that my physiotherapist mentioned her mother's maiden name and I said I'd gone to school with a girl of that name and when I explained who she was and where she lived Jenny realised Hilary was actually her mum's cousin.  Talk about a small world!

I was given Hilary's current address so I wrote to her.  She is now a widow and lives in a retirement village in Cooloongup (near Rockingham) and she eventually telephoned me. We had quite a long chat and it turns out that neither she nor I enjoyed being at Perth College one little bit.  I know it cost you and dad quite a lot to send me there but you also know I couldn't wait to leave and after just 2 years I did and went to commercial college.  I have always appreciated the fact that the two of you must have gone without a lot to give me a good education.

Whether I will ever get to see Hilary or not I don't know and it hasn't been discussed.  She rang me recently when she had a really bad cold and I've written back to her but perhaps we are both too old now to really renew a very distant friendship.

Hilary has 5 children and from what she tells me they are a very close family and look after her when she needs it so perhaps she doesn't need more than an occasional letter from me or she may ring me again.  I hope she does as it is difficult to telephone her as she said she is seldom in her room.

Whatever the outcome it was just so great to talk to someone I'd not seen for about 67 years and we both remembered each other so well.

Thursday, October 18, 2012


Hi Mum and Dad

Didn't get back to you as soon as I intended but I need peace and quiet to set down the words I want to say and it has been a few quite busy days for we two oldies this week.

Monday Phil had to his visit his sleep doctor who is very pleased with him and will see him for a final visit in six months so that was good news.  His sleep machine is working really well.

I had an appointment with my physiotherapist Monday afternoon and she worked on my neck and the muscles around my ribs which were really giving me a problem and she certainly has smoothed out those aches and pains quite a bit.  Tomorrow I go back for some work on my lower back which has been badly neglected of late because of my knee and other bits and pieces that all got shook up when I did that sudden sitdown on the steps at the Rockingham Hotel a few weeks back.

On Tuesday we had the car booked in for its 6 month service at the RAC.  Poor Phil got held up in traffic so arrived 3 minutes late to catch the bus shuttle home so he had to walk to the bus, wait for about 20 minutes and then walk from the bus stop to home.  He was quite worn out when he arrived home 'cos he's not been doing as much walking as perhaps he should have been doing of late.

He was scheduled to be picked up by the shuttle bus that afternoon but it got to 4pm and no word from RAC.  We telephoned 3 times to try and get through to the Myaree workshop but just didn't make it.  They have these stupid 1300 or 13 numbers these days and it takes a while to get through to talk to a human being and when you do they then have to try to put you through to those you wish to speak to.  The young lass was very helpful on the last call and said she would get the folk at Myaree to ring back but they never did.  I think we should find out if they have a direct line to the Myaree workshop.  It got to 4.30pm so we thought it best for Phil to get a taxi over there.  Fortunately the taxi arrived within minutes and when he reached the workshop was told the car was not quite ready but he would have been picked up by the bus eventually.  It would have been great if someone had bothered to ring him with that information.   So....$20 out of pocket for taxi fare and the special offer of $35 off the account was not forthcoming as the man behind the counter said he knew nothing about the offer we had received by email even though Phil showed him a print out of the confirmation.

I was going to ring the RAC and complain but yesterday I had another silly vertigo attack and, even though I took a stemitel, it takes about 4 hours to fully recover from the attack.  I am definitely going to ring RAC tomorrow as I felt we were badly let down by them.  It is a shame as the car, which is now just over 8 years old, has been running better and doing a better mileage than when it was being serviced by Hyundai themselves.

Today we drove down to Rockingham.....gee, it is so beautiful down there by the front.... and had lunch at the old Rockingham Hotel.  We met Richard again (he is Judy and Barry's youngest and we have become great friends since both his mum and dad died as his siblings all turned against him and he needs someone who cares.  Richard had been making copies of some old photos I had which I had promised to send to Verna in Canberra and he has done a wonderful job with them.  I am sure she will be delighted to have them as they are of her parents and grandparents and other family members.  Verna will be 90 next month and we often have lengthy chats on the phone and get on so well together.  I still look on her as my sister-in-law even though I am not still married to her brother.

Gee, I really have gone on a little long but just wanted to cover what has been happening this week.  I am not sure the two of you would enjoy this modern, hectic world.  Phil and I are old enough now that we often sit and talk about what it was like 50 years ago and yearn for the peace and quiet of those times.  He has been in Australia 52 years now so like you Mum he is no longer an Adventurous Pom but definitely a Dinkum Aussie.

Love to you both

Sunday, October 14, 2012


Hi there

Today has been a sleepy sort of day for both of us although we did achieve one small thing that I'd been wanting to get done for some time.  Out here in my workroom (or should I say store room) I have too many things so today we cleaned out one small corner and cleaned it up and have put a nice comfy armchair there so Phil can sit there to have a coffee or read if he cares to.  At this time of year it catches the afternoon sun which will suit him fine.  For some time I have often been out here using my computer and he is in the living room either reading or listening to music, or both.  We both felt we should perhaps spend a little more time in each other's presence so now we can.

Our dear little cat is 11 day.  Mum you would have loved her.  She has always been very shy of strangers but I am sure she would have been OK with you as she would have felt your love of animals.  No really special treat for her today but she did have TWO dinners and enjoyed them both.

We had a little more rain but now I think there are a few fine days ahead of us so some more washing to be done to catch up a bit.  It is at this time of year you think of getting out summer clothing when you have a sudden hot day and then it's cold again so you wonder if the winter togs were washed and packed away too soon.  It's like going on holiday and not knowing what clothes to pack so you have to take a bit of each. 

I am not sure what you would make of politics in Australia at the present time.  Our Premier, Colin Barnett, said the other day that he considered our Federal Parliament to be somewhat of an embarrassment both here and overseas and I feel he was right.  The goings on over in Canberra of late leave a lot to be desired and are very different to how you would remember it.  There is so much vindictiveness flying back and forth across the chamber that it truly is embarrassing to watch.  Phil and I used to quite enjoy watching Question Time as we felt we were learning what was happening in the governing of our country but not any more.  It is all somewhat of a shambles now.

We have a couple of medical appointments tomorrow so I best be off and get ready for bed so we can be up at a reasonable time in the morning.  We both tend to be night owls and sleep in most mornings.  Not like you Dad, up each morning at 6a.m.  I imagine that was caused not only by you working long hours in the office in London but more likely from you farming for 17 years down south here.   Cows don't like to be kept waiting to be milked so the farmer has to be up early no matter how tired he is. 

Goodnight to you both

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Another Very Ordinary Day

Hi folks

Well today has been rather uneventful although we did have some really good rain for which we must be thankful.  This has been a very dry year in Perth, in fact our 4th driest winter since records began to be kept.

I have done very little today although dishes done and beds made.  I remember Mum you always saying that as long as the beds are made and the dishes washed the house will look tidy, or words to that effect.  I know you were not a lover of housework but our home was always neat and tidy which is more than I can say for ours sometimes.  I think we have far too much clutter everywhere.  I am constantly loading up the car and sending bits and pieces to the op shop but so far it doesn't seem to have made much difference.

We had a couple of really very warm days earlier in the week so thought perhaps it time for salads again but now it has turned cold and in fact Phil has just told me he's turned the airconditioner on to warm the living area.  I must admit I have just popped a jacket on and if I am feeling cold then cold it must be.  Anyway I have the salads in the 'fridge so tonight it will be grilled pork cutlet and salads.  Perhaps back to vegies again next week if the weather stays cool.

I have spent quite a bit of today on and off the computer.  Mum you would love using a computer.  Just imagine how much easier it would have been for you when you were typing the draft of your book on that old typewriter you had.  I still have the draft here and feel loathe to ever destroy it.  I realise just how much time it must have taken you to do it all.

We were very cross today after Phil had been to the chemist.  Not only did the young chemist put the wrong doctor's name on my medicine but actually gave Phil the right medicine but the wrong dose.  With this particular medicine the dose is 100mg a day and this chemist gave him tablets that were only 25mg.  Now he is taking these tablets because of a growth he has on his adrenal gland that causes his blood pressure to rise and his potassium levels to drop dramatically.  If we hadn't noticed the wrong dosage Phil could have had real problems.  There are 100 tablets that last 3 months so his blood pressure could have sky rocketed and his potassium gone down without him knowing about it. He of course took the tablets back but this was a dreadfully bad error and I feel he has to report it to the boss next week.  We are never ones to 'dob' anyone in but when it comes to medicines it is a different thing altogether.  Thank goodness Phil noticed the tablets were smaller than the previous ones.

There's not a lot more to tell today but I will try and get back tomorrow and see if I can find anything else that may be of interest to you.

Love to you both

Friday, October 12, 2012

Dear Mum and Dad

I just had a sudden brilliant idea.  I now lead a rather mundane life but often feel I'd like to sit down and tell somebody about it.  I know you've both been gone from this mortal coil for a number of years.  Dad is it really 50 years since you left us and Mum nearly 28 years since your departure?  I find it so hard to believe as you are both with me every day of my life, sometimes closer than others.

I'm hoping you won't mind me putting my thoughts and 'adventures' on paper and addressing them to you.   I give you no choice do I?  Is that rather mean of me?  No I don't think so, so here goes.

Guess what?  Our first Christmas card arrived today.  Yes, from Joan and Ben in Liverpool, England.  It is even earlier than usual but always lovely to hear from them.  Mum, I think you would remember them.  They rented the little flat in the front of your house in Fitzgerald Street for a time before moving to the eastern states.  They had three children while in Australia but I always felt so sorry for them as Joan's mother kept writing saying she thought Joan's dad wouldn't last long and he'd never get to see his grandchildren.  They eventually felt they had to return to the UK and I believe Joan's dad lived on for a number of years after their return.  I know from Joan's letters they were never entirely happy back in their home country.  It's a shame when adults interfere in the life of the young but I guess Joan and Ben thought they were doing the right thing in returning home.

Our lovely cleaning lady, Jenny, came today.  I have no idea how she gets through so much work in an hour. I am sure I was never that good even when I was able bodied.  She always like to spend 15 minutes or so after she's finished having a cuppa before she moves on to her next job. We are lucky that it is inexpensive as it is through a scheme for oldies through our local council and government subsidised.

Yesterday was so hot we decided salads for dinner instead of hot food so we had salmon and salad and today is still pretty warm so tonight it was pork sausages and salad.  Both meals were delicious and it was nice to have salads again.

I watched an episode of "New Tricks" tonight but decided against watching "Waking the Dead" as I find it a little too gory.  I think you'd both enjoy "New Tricks" as it has some well known older actors in it although they could have been after you watched TV.  A new series has begun so at least they are not more repeats.

Well I've probably waffled on enough for my first letter to you.  I have a habit of doing that once I get going so you'll both have to forgive me for that.  I am sure you remember how I loved to talk but these days there aren't many people to talk to and that is why I have decided to write these letters.