Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Hi Mum
Rarely a day goes by when you are not in my thoughts but, when I woke this morning, I had very special thoughts of you as today it is 118 years since you were born at 7 Ruskin Avenue, Little Ilford, East Ham in London, England.  It is also just over 30 years since you left us on 7 January, 1985.

I know one of your very favourite flowers  was the sweet pea.  I remember the countless times when I visited you I would return home with a bunch of those beautiful flowers freshly picked from your garden.

You lived a very varied and active life for nearly 88 years and you did so much for many people during your life in social welfare work but above all you were a wonderfully unselfish mother to me and a fantastic grandmother to my two children.  I miss you still and I know for sure your granddaughter is thinking of you today. xxxx