Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Dear Mum

I address this to you because Dad had left this mortal coil some years before your #3 great-granddaughter arrived on the scene.

You'll never guess but that g/granddaughter has gone to Alaska on a 2 year work visa which I believe can be extended if she so chooses.  It was quite a big thing when I went over to Melbourne in 1950 to work but these days the young are departing for all parts of the globe.  B has a girlfriend over there with whom she will be living and working for/with her friend's father.

She was so excited to be going after having contact with her friend for two years and I think they are really enjoying being together.  We had a farewell up at her mum and dad's house and took family photos which will long be treasured.

These days you can keep in touch through computers using what they call email where you write messages to each other any time you want (the old system of writing letters is now referred to as 'snail mail') although people do still write letters and send greeting cards to each other.

There is also a way of using the computer through a system called Skype where you can talk to each other through the computer from anywhere in the world and it doesn't cost anything.

This would all seem quite unbelievable to you and believe you me a lot of it is quite unbelievable to me as well and I often gasp in amazement at the way modern technology is advancing, much too fast for me in fact.   I now also have Skype (K set it up for me and I've actually spoken to her through our computers).  Problem is for some reason the camera on my computer is not working and although I could see K (oh yes, you can actually see each other as well) she couldn't see me which is probably no loss.

Owing to all this modern technology we won't have to wait for letters to come from Alaska but will know day to day just how B is faring as she gets set up for her new job and gets used to the cold weather.  She discovered snow for the first time last week but has also discovered its downfalls too and what it is like to be really cold.

We are all wishing her well and K and I are somewhat envious that she will be enjoying a white Christmas while we over here will probably be sweltering.

Talk to you again soon


  1. Ah to be young again and have an adventure.

    1. Ah yes! If only. My adventures these days are mainly limited to medical appts and an occasional lunch with friends. :)

  2. And what an adventure. How simply magical - and I am so please that with the magic of Skype (which I don't yet have) you could see and hear her. Unbelievable isn't it? There are some things that we have lost in our current culture - respect, courtesy are ones that leap to mind, but we can stay in touch sooooo much more easily. Magic as I said. (I would really, really like a white Christmas myself.)

    1. Yes, it is the big adventure of her lifetime for sure. It is with sadness I agree with you about those things that seem lost to us these days but we can stay in touch with much more ease which is important but I do yearn for those things which we have lost.
      I too keep thinking (and dreaming) of a WHITE Christmas. It is very wet in Perth this week (unseasonal) but far too warm to snow. :) I guess have to be satisfied with our gardens getting watered much better than usual at this time of year.