Monday, March 25, 2013


Hi folks

As we near Easter each year I always think back to those wonderful holidays we used to spend at Mandurah for years from when I was about 8 till I was 20.  Our Christmas holidays were also great but Easter was different because of the yachting carnivals held on the estuary back then.  The weather was cooler too which made it a little more enjoyable although it was sometimes a wee bit too cool to swim.

Do you remember when I was 16 I bought my own little yacht (a v-jay) and we took it down to Mandurah one Easter and it was so windy that nobody else would go out on the water.  I took my boat out with Peter W and I remember having so much fun.  We capsized several times but, as is the case with the smaller yachts, we just stood on the centre plate and righted the boat again and sailed on.  I often think back to that and have a good laugh about it.

It was wonderful to be young back then.  There was always so much to do and we were never, ever bored.  Alcohol was not a large part of our lives (you were both virtually teetotal anyway) as we didn't seem to need stimulants of any kind but just enjoyed being alive.

Next Sunday we are going to the family in Kelmscott and of course with great-grandchildren now Easter becomes an exciting time once again as there is sure to be an egg hunt for Immy and next year AJ will probably also be involved in that as by then she will be nearly 2 years old.

You would both love Caitlyn and two these little ones and I often sit and imagine you all together and how much pleasure you would derive from watching them.   They are good kids, all to be very proud of.

We will enjoy ourselves and I will be thinking of you both.  Although I have to watch my intake of chocolate these days because of the diabetes and my weight I will have a small portion for each of you or that will be my excuse anyway.

Love to you both

Friday, March 8, 2013


Hi there Mum

Today is International Women's Day and as I and many listeners to 6PR were thinking of women who to them were inspirational I of course thought of you.

 I decided to put your name into Google (sorry but you wouldn't know what that's all to do with computers and finding information very easily) and up came this website with a brief story of your life.  As I've spoken about you on my every day blog I decided I'd include the website so that others could read about you and I hope they do.

You certainly were a woman and a half in so many ways.  Always a refined lady and always helpful to others and a great mother to me (and to your stepson Len who adored you).

What better day than today to be thinking of you and thank you for everything.

Love to you