Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Hi Dad

My thoughts were of you when I woke up this morning.   It is the 129th anniversary of your birth in London, England.   T'was within the sound of Bow Bells you were born which makes you a true cockney and the twang was still there in your speech many years after when you were quite an old man.

It amazes me that here I am well into the 21st century and I remember so many people born in the 19th century, like yourself born in 1885.  I can remember as a child, when you would tell me stories of your life as a boy in London.  After all, you were born in the time of Jack the Ripper and if we can believe films set in that period (and I know British films are pretty authentic) life was so completely different back then.

Your dad was a wheelwright and employed several men so I know you lived quite a happy life and had a good education and eventually a very good position with the Sugar Commission as Chief Clerk during WW1.  That of course, is where you met mum and I am so glad you did.

I have always been so thankful you emigrated to Australia and chose me as your daughter in 1932 when you lived on the farm down in Narrikup.   You were wonderful parents....I couldn't have chosen better myself.

There is a total eclipse of the moon tonight and I will look on it as a special celebration of you and your life.  Thanks dad for just being you and looking after me so well.  Although you departed this mortal coil 43 years ago you are in my thoughts nearly every day.  Still miss you so much.

Love as always  xxx