Sunday, October 14, 2012


Hi there

Today has been a sleepy sort of day for both of us although we did achieve one small thing that I'd been wanting to get done for some time.  Out here in my workroom (or should I say store room) I have too many things so today we cleaned out one small corner and cleaned it up and have put a nice comfy armchair there so Phil can sit there to have a coffee or read if he cares to.  At this time of year it catches the afternoon sun which will suit him fine.  For some time I have often been out here using my computer and he is in the living room either reading or listening to music, or both.  We both felt we should perhaps spend a little more time in each other's presence so now we can.

Our dear little cat is 11 day.  Mum you would have loved her.  She has always been very shy of strangers but I am sure she would have been OK with you as she would have felt your love of animals.  No really special treat for her today but she did have TWO dinners and enjoyed them both.

We had a little more rain but now I think there are a few fine days ahead of us so some more washing to be done to catch up a bit.  It is at this time of year you think of getting out summer clothing when you have a sudden hot day and then it's cold again so you wonder if the winter togs were washed and packed away too soon.  It's like going on holiday and not knowing what clothes to pack so you have to take a bit of each. 

I am not sure what you would make of politics in Australia at the present time.  Our Premier, Colin Barnett, said the other day that he considered our Federal Parliament to be somewhat of an embarrassment both here and overseas and I feel he was right.  The goings on over in Canberra of late leave a lot to be desired and are very different to how you would remember it.  There is so much vindictiveness flying back and forth across the chamber that it truly is embarrassing to watch.  Phil and I used to quite enjoy watching Question Time as we felt we were learning what was happening in the governing of our country but not any more.  It is all somewhat of a shambles now.

We have a couple of medical appointments tomorrow so I best be off and get ready for bed so we can be up at a reasonable time in the morning.  We both tend to be night owls and sleep in most mornings.  Not like you Dad, up each morning at 6a.m.  I imagine that was caused not only by you working long hours in the office in London but more likely from you farming for 17 years down south here.   Cows don't like to be kept waiting to be milked so the farmer has to be up early no matter how tired he is. 

Goodnight to you both


  1. Yay. Thanks to K, I have found you. Thank her for me. I was looking for dear mum and dad - not dearest mum. I hope your medical appointments go well.
    PS: Nice to hear that someone elses cat is shy. Ours are dreadful. If someone comes to the door they growl (truly) and scuttle away as fast as their legs will go.

  2. Glad you made it. I will pass on your thanks for without K's help I would be nowhere. Not sure there will be much of interest to anyone on this new blog or even how long I will keep going with it. Just a piece of whimsy on my part really.
    Our Precious only has to hear footsteps on our front verandah and she is off under the bed. Strangely enough our cleaning lady is terrified of cats so I am not sure who gets the biggest fright if Precious should happen to arrive in the house when Jenny is there. I personally think Jenny is the most scared as Precious will sometimes come into the room and stare at her.