Friday, October 12, 2012

Dear Mum and Dad

I just had a sudden brilliant idea.  I now lead a rather mundane life but often feel I'd like to sit down and tell somebody about it.  I know you've both been gone from this mortal coil for a number of years.  Dad is it really 50 years since you left us and Mum nearly 28 years since your departure?  I find it so hard to believe as you are both with me every day of my life, sometimes closer than others.

I'm hoping you won't mind me putting my thoughts and 'adventures' on paper and addressing them to you.   I give you no choice do I?  Is that rather mean of me?  No I don't think so, so here goes.

Guess what?  Our first Christmas card arrived today.  Yes, from Joan and Ben in Liverpool, England.  It is even earlier than usual but always lovely to hear from them.  Mum, I think you would remember them.  They rented the little flat in the front of your house in Fitzgerald Street for a time before moving to the eastern states.  They had three children while in Australia but I always felt so sorry for them as Joan's mother kept writing saying she thought Joan's dad wouldn't last long and he'd never get to see his grandchildren.  They eventually felt they had to return to the UK and I believe Joan's dad lived on for a number of years after their return.  I know from Joan's letters they were never entirely happy back in their home country.  It's a shame when adults interfere in the life of the young but I guess Joan and Ben thought they were doing the right thing in returning home.

Our lovely cleaning lady, Jenny, came today.  I have no idea how she gets through so much work in an hour. I am sure I was never that good even when I was able bodied.  She always like to spend 15 minutes or so after she's finished having a cuppa before she moves on to her next job. We are lucky that it is inexpensive as it is through a scheme for oldies through our local council and government subsidised.

Yesterday was so hot we decided salads for dinner instead of hot food so we had salmon and salad and today is still pretty warm so tonight it was pork sausages and salad.  Both meals were delicious and it was nice to have salads again.

I watched an episode of "New Tricks" tonight but decided against watching "Waking the Dead" as I find it a little too gory.  I think you'd both enjoy "New Tricks" as it has some well known older actors in it although they could have been after you watched TV.  A new series has begun so at least they are not more repeats.

Well I've probably waffled on enough for my first letter to you.  I have a habit of doing that once I get going so you'll both have to forgive me for that.  I am sure you remember how I loved to talk but these days there aren't many people to talk to and that is why I have decided to write these letters.



  1. What a lovely idea. What do you think they would have had to say in return?
    PS: First Christmas Card!!! Already? I am not ready for that at all.

  2. Hello Mimsie I just discovered your blog through a comment you left on BabyMac. I am so touched reading it and thinking about you talking to your beloved mum and dad after they are gone, it has made me quite weepy. What a great idea. From Sarah.

  3. Hi glad you paid this blog a visit. My mum and dad were very good to me and although they've both been gone for ages now I still feel they are very close to me and that is why I now put down in print what I am thinking. Things today would be so different to them that at times I try to explain to them what has happened technology-wise and how I myself have problems understanding and coping with much of it. Hope you will visit again and perhaps my other blog about more current happenings.

    1. I will visit your other blog too Mimsie. x