Saturday, October 13, 2012

Another Very Ordinary Day

Hi folks

Well today has been rather uneventful although we did have some really good rain for which we must be thankful.  This has been a very dry year in Perth, in fact our 4th driest winter since records began to be kept.

I have done very little today although dishes done and beds made.  I remember Mum you always saying that as long as the beds are made and the dishes washed the house will look tidy, or words to that effect.  I know you were not a lover of housework but our home was always neat and tidy which is more than I can say for ours sometimes.  I think we have far too much clutter everywhere.  I am constantly loading up the car and sending bits and pieces to the op shop but so far it doesn't seem to have made much difference.

We had a couple of really very warm days earlier in the week so thought perhaps it time for salads again but now it has turned cold and in fact Phil has just told me he's turned the airconditioner on to warm the living area.  I must admit I have just popped a jacket on and if I am feeling cold then cold it must be.  Anyway I have the salads in the 'fridge so tonight it will be grilled pork cutlet and salads.  Perhaps back to vegies again next week if the weather stays cool.

I have spent quite a bit of today on and off the computer.  Mum you would love using a computer.  Just imagine how much easier it would have been for you when you were typing the draft of your book on that old typewriter you had.  I still have the draft here and feel loathe to ever destroy it.  I realise just how much time it must have taken you to do it all.

We were very cross today after Phil had been to the chemist.  Not only did the young chemist put the wrong doctor's name on my medicine but actually gave Phil the right medicine but the wrong dose.  With this particular medicine the dose is 100mg a day and this chemist gave him tablets that were only 25mg.  Now he is taking these tablets because of a growth he has on his adrenal gland that causes his blood pressure to rise and his potassium levels to drop dramatically.  If we hadn't noticed the wrong dosage Phil could have had real problems.  There are 100 tablets that last 3 months so his blood pressure could have sky rocketed and his potassium gone down without him knowing about it. He of course took the tablets back but this was a dreadfully bad error and I feel he has to report it to the boss next week.  We are never ones to 'dob' anyone in but when it comes to medicines it is a different thing altogether.  Thank goodness Phil noticed the tablets were smaller than the previous ones.

There's not a lot more to tell today but I will try and get back tomorrow and see if I can find anything else that may be of interest to you.

Love to you both


  1. The dishes are done, but our bed isn't yet made. Which is shameful. And I have neither vacuumed nor done the bathrooms. Tomorrow perhaps. I have been in the garden instead and my bones, my joints and my mind object.

  2. Regardless of the aches and pains, being out in the garden is so good for you. Indoor things can wait when there is gardening to be done. : )