Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Hi there folks,

Today I am feeling very down and not just for me.  K+B have been burgled once again.  Yes, the second time in only a few months.  Not the same people as before according to the police but another two useless idiots who decided they needed money for drugs perhaps.  Who knows what goes on the minds of these imbeciles?  I could and have used much stronger terms when talking about how I feel about these felons but I know neither of you would appreciate me using bad language so I won't.

More heartbreak in the loss of precious items.  More insurance claims for K+B.  Higher excess on insurance policies.  Broken window to be repaired.  Broken door to be repaired.  Police say not likely they will be caught.  Neighbour saw the thievess leaving and the rotters actually waved!!!  Car possibly stolen anyway or they will change the number plates.

K+B are taking it very well considering.  Much better than I am but then I was never used to this type of thing happening when I was young.  Our home was burgled about 25 year ago and the place was in a mess but only a bit of money was taken as the police were sure it was kids from a neighbourhood home for delinquents.  Still felt annoyed but not at all threatened and we soon put everything back where it belonged.  What has happened to my daughter and her hubby is so different.

The city I loved so much when I was young has certainly been stolen from me.  Back then we didn't lock our houses or our cars (cars usually didn't have locks back then anyway).  We slept on our front verandahs without fear of being molested.  We would open our doors to anyone with no thought of being attacked.  If we heard a noise it was usually the dog or cat coming indoors.  We would walk anywhere day or night and not think twice about it.

I tell these things to the young of today and I honestly don't think they believe me but it is all so true.
Now morons on drugs or perhaps in debt desperately need money and will do anything to acquire it including violating people's homes or even their person.  I am truly beginning to feel I have seen good times during my 81 years, wonderful times but they are no more.  We have security doors and windows that are always locked.  We do worry if we hear an unexpected noise.  Our age would not deter anyone from robbing us or attacking us if we put up a fight or even hurting us just for the sheer fun of it.

I won't go on and on and I am sorry to use this letter to talk about the sadness I feel but just had to express my feelings about the world of today compared with the world of yesteryear.

By for now
Love you both so much still


  1. It is true and it is sad. The older we get the more nervous we are. At night we go around and check to ensure that all doors are locked. We have discussed getting motion sensitive lights installed on the corners of the house. We make sure the car is locked. The feeling of violation after your house is invaded is something that would stay with you for the rest of your life. You almost need to live like you are poverty stricken to deter any interest in yourself and your possessions. I'm so sorry your family had to go through this.

    1. Thanks Delores. K+B are not in a rich type suburb so it doesn't seem to matter which area you are in these days. I didn't feel violated when we were burgled years ago as I knew it was kids and not adult criminals. Don't get me wrong I'm not condoning what the youngsters did but I didn't feel threatened. It's becoming a sad world.

  2. Oh I jumped over from Delores's blog and I am so glad I did. I am so sorry you had to go through this apparently again I truly feel so sad for you.
    It is certainly not the world we grew up in and I do not understand why either there was certainly poverty where I grew up but people did not steal from others, everyone helped those when they had it. I have watched as drugs,greed and pure entitlement comes easy to some now and it makes me sad.
    Please do not let this stop you from enjoying this life there are truly wonderful wonderful people in this world and there are way more of them then those "morons" you speak of.
    I do hope they catch them. I wish I could give you a hug. B

    1. Hi Buttons. Glad to meet you. It was my daughter and her hubby that were burgled for the second time in a few months. We were burgled by kids years ago which was still not a good feeling but not frightening as it would be with adult crims. Oh to go back to the day when we trusted nearly everyone and enjoyed life without fear 24/7.

  3. I am so sorry, K & B must feel violated. We were robbed once, not something you forget is it. I remember feeling dirty, exposed and violated. There are a lot of great people out there, just a few silly lost ones. I feel sorry for them, as one day, hopefully they will realise what sort of a life they have made for themselves and will regret their actions, change their ways and contribute positively to society. Hugs to you. xxx Rae

  4. I fear with drug users there are many that will never lead what we consider a normal life and will continue to be a blight on society. Sadly K is recovering beautifully from an op a couple of weeks back and now this. Just when everything was going so well....you can't win all the time apparently. This last lot even stole a packet of chocolate biscuits!! Thanks Rae for your kind words. xxx

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