Friday, February 1, 2013


Hi Mum

Do you remember that delightful little baby girl born way back in 1973?  Well she is now 40 years of age and it makes me feel quite old having a granddaughter of that age.

Yesterday Phil and I, with other members of the family, got together at lunch to help Christie celebrate this milestone.....yes, I always think when you reach the '10' years it is a special milestone in one's life. 

This eldest granddaughter has achieved much in her lifetime and is now the mother of two really beautiful little girls of her own.  Immy will be 5 in 11 days time and AJ is now 9 months.  Christie works from home as she runs a very successful blog talking about bringing up chidren.

Oh, of course you have no idea what a blog is.  Nor the internet for that matter.  Now how do I, someone not really up on all this technological stuff, explain all this to you?  You would remember what a computer is as you spoke of them way back then in the 1950s/1960s thinking, as many did, that they would perhaps cause mass unemployment.  I don't think this has been the case and in fact they seem to generate so many problems overall that people have to be there to sort those problems out.

Anyway to simplify the explanation, we can now communicate with each other all round the world, not only by typing messages but also using our computers to speak on the phone on a system known as Skype. 

Christie began blogging about early childhood several years ago and has in fact won two Asia/Pacific awards for her blog which shows how successful she has been.  She managed all this while caring for not only her home and husband, but caring for and raising two little ones.

Mum, I know you were always proud of your grandchildren and I only wish you were here at times as you would be delighted with the adults they have become.  We are very proud of them too.

Will pop in and chat again soon.


  1. I think our grandparents would be gob smacked at the ease with which people all around the world communicate in real time.

  2. Delores I too am often gobsmacked by modern technology. So much of it is bewildering to me and think it always will be. I don't even recognise the names of some items now on sale and have no knowledge of what they can do.

  3. I think it is frightening for a lot of people the way technology moves so fast. I would never have imagined when my children were young that I would ever have the need for a laptop. Now you can't get me of it and my girls, 21 & 25, help me get out of trouble when I have computer troubles. I can only imagine, the technology that will be available for their children. The mind boggles. xxx Rae

  4. Hi are right; it is frightening. Then again I think of how in my folks' lifetime cars, aeroplanes, radio, television all were invented. (Dad was born in 1885 and Mum in 1897). You really wonder what they would think of today's technology. All so different. I only have my desktop computer and doubt I would use a laptop or an iPad or an iPhone for that matter. Mobile 'phones! Hate them. Yes, we do have one but only for emergencies if we are out which hopefully won't happen. Thanks again for visiting. xxx