Sunday, September 22, 2013


Hi Dad

You are probably the only person who will understand what I'm talking about here but it's just between you and me really anyway isn't it?  East Perth played in the WAFL Grand Final today.....and lost!!!  I had high hopes they might win another flag but it was not meant to be.  They began the year quite badly but picked up steam half way through the season and were looking good.

Never mind, hopefully they will improve next year and who knows?  Another appearance in the Grand Final.  We can only hope.

It was a wet and windy day in Perth today but there were over 20,000 watching the game at Subiaco Oval which was quite good in such bad weather.  The AFL has kept the crowds away from WAFL games over past years which is such a pity.  Progress it is called and I suppose it is, really.

Mum would have been pleased as West Perth are now this year's premiers.  I never worked out why she decided to follow West Perth but somehow I think it was to create a bit of rivalry in the camp.  We used to enjoy having a go at each other about the two teams....just a lot of fun.

I've not been to a football match for many a long year now but I used to enjoy sitting or standing on the bank yelling for my team.  Dreams of times long ago eh Dad?  They were good times.

Love you


  1. Yes EC, I am sure he does. He was my adopted dad but I couldn't have had a better one. He left this mortal coil in 1971 but to me he is still as large as life and I miss him still.