Monday, April 29, 2013


Hi there you two

Just thought I'd drop you a quick note about the BBQ on Saturday.  We went down to C & M's home to help celebrate AJ's first birthday.  She is of course their second daughter, and our third great-granddaughter.  (This makes her your great-great-granddaughter of!!).  The family is growing albeit slowly.

AJ had such fun opening her birthday gifts and was particularly interested in giving scraps of wrapping paper to her Dad.   We took some lovely photographs of her which I am sure we will all share around eventually.

You would adore this little girl.  She is a real character and was so good while we were there without a grizzle of any kind and Immy was good too and you could see she loves her little sister and told me she will read to AJ from the picture books she received for her birthday.

They were both dressed up and looked so beautiful.  There were 11 of us altogether at the table for lunch because of course BA is in Alaska, LEP was working as was AM's fiancee.    We all had a really enjoyable few hours together and I thought you'd like this photo I took of AJ and her cake with the one candle on it.   The reason there is movement in the cake is because she was a little too intrigued with the flame so for safety's sake it was whisked away quite quickly.  Immy blew out the candle for her and of course we all sang Happy Birthday followed by 3 cheers.

Bye for now


  1. Yes, she really is and of course kakka's granddaughter.
    All our girls seem to be born without a lot of hair but make up for it later on.

  2. Happy Birthday AJ, so cute. Brittany didn't have much hair at one, just enough to create a fountain on top of her head, I remember licking it so it would stand out, of course nowadays you would use gel, alas she still has such fine hair, it's a curse passed on from me. xxx

  3. My family all have pretty robust hair but my other half's hair is just so fine although there's not a lot left of it these days.

  4. What an adorable little one.

  5. Yes, Delores, she truly is and is much loved as is her sister and cousin. All 3 great-granddaughters are so special to us.